Current Challenge-QUAD Skydiver Challenge -50 reps

(post a video beating Anthony Roumell's 50 QUAD Skydiver WR, watch video below)

Upcoming Events- Foundations Course coming soon!

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This man deserves a medal! Coach Marty Heilman is one of the most gifted and talented trainers with TruFit. Lookup Marty and his "wolfpack" if you are out in Flagstaff, AZ. His Adaptive Fitness programs and AquaPlex TruFit classes are a big hit in the community!

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If you are ever in Bangkok we recommend you stop in at New Moves for a creative and fun workout. This video was made for the Thailand Mountaineering and Trekking Club (TMTC). Great stuff from New Moves!

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We love equipment combo's and this UNIT/VIPR workout from New Moves is one of our favorites. Creativity rules with this group so be sure to check them out for more inspiring ideas.

Do you have what it takes to challenge Anthony? Watch this video and decide! Anthony is not only a very fine tuned athlete, he is one of the most amazing Special Operations Trainer in San Diego. 

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We encourage our trainers and those who get TruFit to look for opportunities in their community to volunteer and use fitness to help others. At Capability Ranch we helped start a Fitness Fun class for adaptive students and their families. Learn more about CR here.


Youth today can do amazing things if they are giving the right tools and inspiration. Watch this motivated obstacle racer impress everyone in attendance.

San Diego Premier Training is working to change lives everyday in North County San Diego. Mike's community of members and staff might be just what you are looking for if you're new to fitness or looking at small group training.

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Make your own TruFit video and post it to us. We will constantly be updating our libraries with awesome new user content to keep you up to date and fresh on training concepts and ideas. 

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