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#1 QUALITY is number 1

It's simple, the highest quality equals most options for the longest time. TruFit is the highest rated suspension system on the market, offering a larger range of training options to a wider range of human athletes. Products carry a lifetime warranty* because we know that you're not just working out for the weekend. Your preparing yourself to live an awesome life!

#11 A terrific teaching tool!

Great for all audiences! The UNIT helps you find each individuals baseline so they can continue learn exercises safely and effectively.

#9 The most fun  working out!

There is a child in all of us. There is also an athlete in all of us too! Let's get those two together and start creating fun workouts that the entire family can enjoy!

#8 Comprehensive education!

Thanks to the UNIT's wide variety of user options, our education is also expanded and includes more modalities and usable concepts than most Master Training Courses.  

​​​​#19 It's about INSPIRATION!

Get the UNIT and inspire others to exercise and live an active life. By improving your health and performance you not only create new opportunities for yourself but for everyone around you! 

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#17 When have you ever seen this!

We love to monkey around and sometimes test our products with the most extreme athletes to ensure your safety and quality workout experience.

#10 Lift yourself to new heights!

Learning to support your body and move with confidence is what TruFit training is all about! Our exercise programming will take you step by step, progressing with you as you improve and progress.

​​20 Reasons we love the TruFit UNIT

#6 Accessory exercises!

Trust your equipment and anything is possible! With the UNIT you can attach accessory training tools to expand your already endless possibilities. From Kettlebells to Trapeze Bars, find out how your favorite tool can integrate with the UNIT!

#15 Dad's get TruFit!

We love our dads for their dedication and commitment towards raising a healthy family. Dad's love the UNIT for its strength, versatility and total family training options. Now family time can also be training time!

#12 Sports Medicine!

High quality components, integration with standard practices, progressive programming, unrivaled safety and continued family reinforcement are all reasons why doctors and practitioners love TruFit!

#13 Go anywhere!

Whether you love to travel or just get out for your workouts, the UNIT is the ideal training tool for your travel bag. Weighing approx.2lbs the UNIT can be taken anywhere and set up in minutes providing you great training options wherever you go!

#14 Mom's get TruFit!

We love our mothers and want to help them stay in great shape for their family's adventures. From Prenatal to Post Graduation, with TruFit, Moms can stay on the ready for anything that comes their way!

#7 The Ninja Strap!

There when you need it, hidden away when you don't! The UNIT's proprietary handle design includes multiple foot placement options for your toes and heels to stay securely in place. 

#18 That's 1,000 pounds!

Only the UNIT uses the highest quality, rock climbing components to produce a training system that can support any exercise by any user. Our equipment is tested in the most extreme conditions so you can trust it will hold up to your expectations.  

#2 With the UNIT, Anything is possible!

With the TruFit UNIT the sky is the limit... or is it? Defy gravity and realize you can do just about anything you put your mind too. All ages, All Levels, ALL Abilities! Seriously!

#5 No limits adaptability!

The UNIT's Power Curve designed handle and rock climbing grade components allow you to use your equipment in more ways than one! Imagine a Swiss army knife or Sport Utility Vehicle. Your abilities, determine the possibilities.

#4 Stretch out and Mobilize your body!

Use the UNIT and let gravity help you loosen things up. Thanks to the UNIT's high quality design now you can stretch and feel good anywhere, anytime!

#16 Elite athletes get TruFit!

The ability to progress and perform at any level is just one characteristic that separates the UNIT from the competition, but is the favorite with top level athletes. Now you can perform exercises that match your abilities and discover new strength's and confidence to take you even further!

#20 Unbeatable Price!

Compare all of this to a treadmill, weight set or expensive home gym and the choice will be clear! The UNIT outperforms it ALL! Start with TruFit, stay with TruFit and find out why the UNIT is the best fitness product money can buy. 

#3 The most comprehensive youth training tool!

At TruFit we believe that fitness is the key to unlocking awesome experiences! This is not virtual reality, this is actual reality and thanks to our high quality standards teaching fitness early on is very real and very effective.