When you buy TruFit, you buy in to the family, because family is why we exist. Whether you use our gear for personal, professional or educational use, our message is clear. By getting TruFit you will have the opportunity to not only transform yourself but those around you. Customers can access educational content, customized programs and workouts; plus Ambassador support when you need it! Our full-circle approach to your training is just part of what separates us from commercial fitness gimmicks and big brand giants. Join TruFit today and let's activate friends in your community.  

"We want you to be active for life, so we build products to support a life worth living."

TruFit was founded in 2010 in an effort to bring functional fitness to future athletes and active families. Our goal is to create simple, high quality fitness equipment and to provide information that inspires creativity not only in your workouts but in your daily activities. We support fitness education at all levels and believe that no matter your starting point, with TruFit the only path is towards progress.


TruFit Ambassadors are the heart of our company and we support their efforts to the best of our abilities. Ambassadors are SUPER HERO's! Personal trainers, coaches, athletes, therapist, teachers, business owners and more who all live and train with a purpose. At TruFit we practice what we preach and work towards bettering our abilities everyday knowing that the better we become the more help we can others achieve. Contact us today to find out more about becoming a TruFit Ambassador.




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  • Stephen Parks- Aztec, NM
  • Ben Marshall- ABQ, NM
  • Dr. Brent Brookbush- NY
  • Philip Levi- Burlingame, CA  
  • Hannah Copper- Oregon
  • Jesse & Tyler Youngweth,     Colorado Springs, CO 
  • Marty Heilman  Flagstaff, AZ 
  • Genevieve Preece, South Hampton, UK
  • Eric Chessen,  New York, NY
  • Anthony Roumell,  San Diego, CA