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QUAD 4.0 Package Options

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The UNIT is


Welcome to TruFit, Home of the UNIversal Trainer/UNIT, the strongest, most versatile fitness system in the world. With the UNIT our goal is to empower you through training so you can empower others through experience. Join us today so you can GetTruFit now and Stay TruFit for Life. 

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on all US orders 

UNIT 2.0 includes 2 adjustable straps & 2 handles

QUAD 4.0 includes 4 adjustable straps & 4 handles

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Basic Package-

includes adjustable straps, handles, guidebook, TruFit trackbag (x2 QUAD Basic)

Athlete Package-

includes Basic package plus 48" Anchor Extensions and Carabiners (x2 QUAD Athlete)

Professional Package-

includes training system, extensions, carabiners, wall chart & 10 Assessment Forms (x2 QUAD Pro)

UNIT 2.0 Package Options

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